Pressure Washing Concrete Patios and BBQ Areas


Pressure Washing Concrete Patios and BBQ Areas for a Relaxing Holiday Season

Friends and family are coming over to your home for a barbeque and drinks. First steps to prepare for this are clearing and cleaning that concrete area so that no-one slips on mouldy or oily spots, or loses their footing on loose grit or patches of dirt. 

A clean, safe area where young and old can relax together and share a few drinks without instantly stumbling, is a basic.  As well, the most social area of your home, while the guests are there, will look and feel fresh and welcoming to all.

Here are a few steps to getting the job done.

1.  Clear the area of anything moveable that's on it, including furniture, ornaments, plant pots, children's toys, etc.  Then sweep off any loose debris. 

2.  Ensure any adjoining doors and windows are securely closed, power points are covered and pets are out of the way.

3.  Be aware of where the run-off will flow to, especially if you're using a strong detergent and if the concrete has accumulated noticeable layers of dirt. Care is needed around plants.

4.  Have your safety gear ready: rubber soled footwear, safety glasses to prevent sand, grit, glass fragments etc being blasted into your eyes, and preferably wear long pants for similar reasons.

5.  If the concrete has any heavy patches of oil or grease, you may want to pour the detergent straight onto those parts rather than just spray it over them. To be effective, leave the detergent on for a good ten minutes or so before pressure washing it off.

6. Connect your hose and make sure the water is flowing freely. The hose should be fully unwound and have no kinks in it.  Let the water run through to clear any air pockets. 

7. Connect to the power supply and you're ready to blast. Keep both hands firmly on the wand until you have complete control of it.

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